Deceptions Lies and False Narrative – Pesticides

15 Apr

Here’s the situation today, and the causation for our involvement with Wild Horses, as well as what is ongoing on America’s Public Lands.  The disgusting and cavalier attitudes of several government agencies and the use of Pesticides’!  Yes, they use Experimental-Pesticides abundantly upon our Public Lands, as well as forced upon our Wildlife – Wild Horses, all inclusive.

The travesty is in Perceptions, and our government, as well as many current commercialized Non-Profits of today that refer to themselves as Horse Advocates; they neither speak for the majority of American’s, nor for the Wildlife they want us to assume they protect – neither protect our Wildlife, nor our terrestrial ecological systems/process. 

Unauthorized “Experimentation”, as outlined in several Laws in America, states clearly, the “Experimental” situation of Pesticides to be invalid and unacceptable. . .  This equates to being illegal entirely!  Is this the overall reason for such deplorable actions within today’s government agencies and from commercialized non-profits?  They both cover-up, or confuse the public via False-Narratives’, to cover-up, through distractions, to continue their very dangerous experimentation upon our Wildlife and Environment.

But my conversation here centers around the disrespect shown toward Americans by these government agencies I speak of, as well as the disrespect toward Veteran’s – The number of False-Narratives that surrounds these issues quite abundant, as well.  It is all-inclusive of commercialized non-profits also, who simply want to profit in the Sales of GONACON (previously up to 2 years ago the Pesticide PZP, which we seen just as dangerous, and extremely non-effective) . . .

This Pesticide Saves nothing at all, and inclusive of Wild Horses; neither government nor the commercialized non-profits can point to “Saving” anything by using Pesticides (when they state not as many births of foal, for example, on Public Lands, they do not mention the record setting roundups of Wild Horses taken from Public Lands, and leaves us with the False Narratives, that it was the effect from the Pesticides darted)! 

Although, taxpayers pay for this use of a Pesticide ($-millions of dollars yearly), and its experimentation, yet have no idea about these “Pesticides” nor the truth of using them, or the direct long-term effects. 

We see the same pattern of False-Narratives’ here that we saw in Vietnam, there is no doubt.  We watched as Dow Chemical become a multi-billion-dollar Corporation even then, not just from Agent Orange, but the other toxic chemicals they used, as well.  Today’s Pesticides are derivatives from them, and many directly associated with the toxic chemicals used in Vietnam.

When we start speaking about GnRH, for example, we find the content of this chemical in Agent Orange, which remains an excellent example of long-term effects of “Pesticide” use, among other deplorable toxic chemicals (isn’t it interesting that HSUS and ASPCA, among other non-profits, promote the use of these toxic chemicals also, then we see the profit margins increase on their IRS 990’s).  Many Americans, unknowingly, come in contact with the dangerous and toxic chemicals.  But all of that information is ignored, just like they ignore the Laws when experimenting with these dangerous toxic chemicals upon Our Public Access Lands –

The danger, you might ask?  Vietnam Veterans had to fight for decades now, and finally getting recognition, that Agent Orange and other Pesticides used in Vietnam, were and remain very dangerous.  Cancer is a “Direct Causation” directly from the toxins inclusive use, sadly to include myself as well, and 7 months in the hospital with Pancreatic Cancer 30 years later, back in 2017.  Cancer-Free today, but with such arrogant use of deplorable toxic chemicals, where you and I roam daily, and our government and commercialized non-profits currently nothing more than Grifters in search of Profits or larger budgets for themselves.  Being Cancer Free could drastically change tomorrow.

They now use extrapolates, or the same toxic chemicals, that are now forced upon both Wildlife and used within Terrestrial Environments’, mostly through deception or outright lies, to do so –

Our Public Lands now have Darters roaming the areas we all go to and visit.  They have no idea they distribute a dangerous toxin into the environment – yes, dumb as rocks.  Getting a little nervous now, as it is being used in our National Parks as well as in our USDA Forestry Lands, among other habitats in several States, also. 

These toxic chemicals ultimately destroy wildlife, yes, but also wind-up in some of America’s major water supplies, or into predators that may digest remnants of the toxic chemicals in dead prey, or within their Predator-Prey relationships.  And, as we seen in Vietnam, our government, due to large government budgets as well as non-profits, will still, obviously, not admit the use of Pesticides being dangerous.  They will laugh, smile, and say no problem, it is all okay and ironically, tell the public at large, and I quote directly from many of them, “It is not a Pesticide”, even though registered as such, due to its destructive interactions within many species internal structures, as well as the known toxins inclusive.  Some things ya just cannot make-up.

Yes, both our government and commercialized non-profits gov-speak (a polite-term for lie after lie and False Narratives) about its use, and how it will save Wild Horses and stop the destruction they cause, and the over-population of them on our Public Lands – Except, that is simply more government and non-profit lies.  

Wild Horses are neither destructive, nor, over-populated on America’s Public Lands — i.e., but the truth is, pesticides remain very destruction, as history shows us very well — yet ignored as if any of the well-documented history of it, never happened at all. . . So here we are again.  Americans are looking at a wayward government, mostly to build their separate agency budgets to overwhelming proportions, and using wildlife and terrestrial environments’ management paradigms as an excuse, equates to a lot of False Narratives as well as False Science (Fraudulent activity in reality, equates to Federal Fraud elements of Law)!  The commercialized non-profits are simply made-up of corrupted individuals, and could care less about you, I, or Wildlife in common.

Time for change. . . — John Cox, Writer – Cascade Mountains

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One response to “Deceptions Lies and False Narrative – Pesticides

  1. deannalynnmorris

    April 16, 2022 at 4:30 am

    Who reasons in such moral degradation, destroying the natural balance of wildlife and their rightful home where they are presently found?


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