Social Change Needed – U.S. Wildlife in Danger

14 Apr

Social Change, in particular within our society, is challenging.  Yet, the responsibility of every American to accomplish, no matter what level, no matter who one may be for or stand against, must be accomplished.  Bias, then compounded by ignorance, or worse, grifters and scammers, who remain on this landscape, are the honest American’s battleground. . . We need to accomplish a “needed” change – inclusive of a better mind-set as well as knowledge toward our very survival and cohabitation, on this Planet where we live.

We use here the Wild Horse landscape on our Public Lands of today.  Yes, change needed, but not by lying about the necessity to send the Wild Horses to “extinction”, nor compounded by the landscape of grifters and scammers darting/shooting toxic chemicals (also filled with Tuberculosis microbes as an adjuvant) into Wild Horses’ bodies, is not a positive situation; rather, very destructive and abusive paradox of circumstance, mostly by those who favor abuse and the slaughter of Wild Horses, all with the assumption their ideology is okay.  It is not only “not okay” but ignorance and cognitive dissonance abundant, and neither of these situations will develop into a cognitive realism of positive actions for the Wild Horses.

We see daily now, those who ironically, i.e. Bureau of Land Management, right along-side commercialized non-profits – grifters and scammers mostly going after donation dollars – as well as taxpayer dollars, always, who speak about the benefits of birth controls (yet no evidence to back their claims what so ever), darted into a small population of Wild Horses (there does not exist an over-population of Wild Horses on Public Lands, as strong, credible, and plenty of evidence shows us consistently), to resolve issues that do not exist. 

Yes, resolving a lie, or fraudulent activity to boost budgets and profiteer within today’s government agency budgets & commercialized non-profits, does not, nor ever will, resolve anything for the Wild Horses, nor anything upon our Public Lands landscape.  The destruction ongoing very apparent, very troubling, yet the ignorance, and profoundly the acceptance of destruction of those things that develop our Public Lands into usable capacity and within a positive situation for all of America, truthfully, continues to be destroyed.  Truth in these matters is simply a “set-aside” arrangement, totally ignored, or by many, not understood at all.

The major problem with all of this is two-fold.

  1. American Taxpayer dollars are wasted within such corruption and ignorant bias and scams;
  2. All Wildlife that lives and thrives upon our Public Lands are destroyed, on the way to extinction, or worse, our Terrestrial Environment, e.g. domestic food sources and food-chain supplements destroyed entirely. . .

Yes, we have problems within our Public Lands that require change.  Our very own government, as well as commercialized non-profits, among other situations of abusive arrangement, remain destroying our Public Lands.  It is, to many of us, extremely apparent, as we see the “Causation” of the destruction, as well as the outright ignorance and bias and scams that promote it, daily. . .

What is ignored is the very premise of Environmental Science – Diversity of Wildlife, inclusive of Wild Horses also, and for several Science-Backed reasons, is necessary on all of our Federal, Public, and some Private Lands . . .  Yet, and not so ironic, these facts ignored . . . you will not “hear” good science repeated by those who simply exploit our Lands and Wildlife for monetary gains —  John Cox, MA, Cascade Mountains


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