Government and Commercialized Non-Profits Promote Genocide of Wild Horses to Exploit and Make $$$$

01 May

We all know, and acknowledge, Pesticides may move with runoff, as compounds dissolved in the water or attached to soil particles. Runoff from areas treated with pesticides can pollute streams, ponds, lakes, and wells. Pesticide residues in surface water can harm plants and animals and contaminate groundwater – your and my drinking water. Our Public Lands, currently, is being destroyed –

PZP – GONACON Pesticides are experimental toxic-chemicals being darted into Wild Horses in Wilderness areas. On their form you will discover, ironically, no research has been done within wilderness areas to claim these toxic chemicals are safe to use within them, nor around them, i.e. landscapes, terrestrial environments, waterways and creeks, et al. Some suggest there was a pay-off not to do so; yet, others suggest the BLM and USDA Forestry demanded no research in wilderness areas, in order to use these toxic chemicals faster, and not wait for this research. After two decades, we find this research has still Not Developed, at all. So, there is nothing to backup the False Rhetoric of those commercialized non-profits that Dart Wild Horses, in the matters of safe use, where the general public also roam. This is very troubling.

We also have what is termed “Dirt Pollution” today, and now being studied in many Scientific Research papers, which are finding tremendous portions of several different types of Pesticides in the dirt, and declaring it unuseful for harvests of our nation’s food-supplements, and dangerous to the public . . . No Pesticide is harmless, despite the False Rhetoric or False Narratives the Darters of Pesticide, into Wild Horses tell us.

“EPA states that products are considered to be for a pesticidal , “if the person who distributes or sells them claims, states or implies that they can or should be used to prevent, destroy, repel or mitigate a pest.” – EPA Statement

The fact is, those who Dart Pesticides into Wild Horses, want us to believe they love Wild Horses, and that Darting them is the only option left, to save them. . . We say “No Way”, and that many options are available — but those many options ignored by the PZP-GONACON bunch.

They want us to believe Pesticides, Registered-EPA, are an Immunocontraceptive! They are NOT! The Pesticides destroy a horses immune System; in truth, an Immunocontraceptive works with the Immune System, and does not destroy it!

False Narratives and outright lies are what Pesticide Darting Groups, force into Wild Horses, tell the public for $$$$! Evidence? Look at their IRS 990’s. We have some of these con-men actually shed tears, talking about loving the Wild Horses – yet, as we see above, that the Pesticides, ALL, are used against Pests in the countryside and within wilderness areas – so shedding tears for sales of Pesticide is hypocritical, and these con-men and con-women need to go!

They cannot have both perspectives! Hypocrites that promote the outright abuse of Wild Horses is, quite frankly, not needed in America, at all! True and Humane Americans’ want our Wildlife, inclusive of Wild Horses, alive, well in health, and living safely – away from grifters, scammers, and con-artists entirely.

Options to do this are available, but our government, as well as commercialized non-profits, apparently would rather abuse, exploit, and make money within a Genocide-Complex of circumstance — which is Adverse and Contrary to the American Spirit, and the things we find significant, and a priority to us all — The Wild Horses. — Article by John Cox, Cascade Mountains


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