Veterans Work with Horses, Not Dart them with Pesticides! Stop the False Narratives

30 Apr

I deal a lot with Veteran’s, as they and I are all brothers and sisters of wars past. I am one myself.  I see people wave the American Flag, trot around as some type of patriots, and at the same time demean and even disrespect Veterans’.  Since Vietnam, we have all come a long way, as Veterans’, and it was a fight all that way – against ignorance, bias, ironic perspectives, and even a higher-death rate from suicide for many, who could not adjust, and from all wars.

Now we see people, greedy and ignorant people, assume they have a right to use the term Veterans, to enhance their bank accounts only (i.e., shooting wild horses with pesticides, does nothing for wild horses, but a lot for their commercialized non-profit = profits)! And that is all the Pesticide darting programs are about! The remainder of the Grifters groups, are nothing more than “Shell-Groups” (i.e. we reviewed 7 up to this point, but there are more of these commercialized advertising non-profits) to obtain donations, again in truth – for themselves.

They also refer our Representatives to these shell-groups, their own groups actually, as supporting groups of non-profits, that support their programs = fakes. This same methodology has been used by many other commercialized non-profits also, and have grown rich off the false narratives and fake support groups, alike.

They have No-Proof of these toxic chemicals saving wild horses at all! The facts, the truth, remains — credible and provable proof simply does not exist, (for many reasons $$$ 90% of their donations go in their private bank accounts, the other 10%, most often, goes to advertising to obtain more donations).  Not so ironic, these are people that never served, or never went to war, and frankly have no clue about what Veterans are about what so ever.  Their demeaning attitudes and perspectives show us their bias and ignorance daily, in their attempts to pass a Bill in Congress, that also demeans and disrespects Veterans, entirely; as well as wanting to Dart the wild horses, by using Veterans as Darters’ and Cash-Cows for donations, in reality.

Horses’ serves Veterans, as companions among other situations, as a building block to develop awareness of their PTSD, for example. Having Veterans’ Darting them with a toxic chemicals, well, is ridiculous and conflicts with the Healing Properties for PTSD directly. Many Doctors are backing myself and others up and upon this issue.

We use horses, i.e. Veterans’ et al, to assist us – through such situations as PTSD, or, the cancer developed from the use of pesticides in Vietnam as we heal from it, refereed to as Agent Orange. Myself all inclusive of it, and I have two horses — and where there is no healing assured from other sources, I find comfort within my PTSD and acknowledge the Healing Properties of them and their helping me toward my disability, does exist.

Yet, we see people, not Veterans’, who want to develop a program to use Veterans to destroy wild horses, i.e., with two EPA Registered Pesticides. Their false narratives, in truth, conflict, with any type of truthful explanation of the toxic chemicals, directly — i.e., those who support the Pesticides PZP-GONACON, while darting wild horses with these toxic chemicals – into a non-overpopulation of wild horses on America’s Public Lands, remains simply built upon False Narratives and lies about the toxic chemicals, in general.

Yes, it is as disgusting and appalling as it sounds! They assume we are weak, or even naive I suppose, or worse, idiots, and do not, nor are aware of, toxic chemicals — PZP-GONACON Pesticides, that also destroy our Public Lands and Environments — very destructive to ecological process and systems, and not a management tool at all for our wild horses, wildlife, or our lands.

Do not support what is called, and referred to as the Veterans For Mustangs Bill – it s for profit, and these people do not give one tinkers’ dam about Veterans at all – using the name for profit, pushing Pesticide PZP for profits, because of their involvement in investments they completed years ago – and the PZP nor the GONACON, simply does not work!  It is not an Immunocontraceptive, but as Registered, a Pesticide, and they want to continue to experiment with it, on Our Public Lands!  Their information is all nothing more than lies for profits; again, which equates to serious and harmful False Narratives.

We do not need (no overpopulation of wild horses exist, so Pesticide birth controls remain unnecessary) adjustments to the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971, we simply need government agencies to stop ignoring the Law, and stop feeling they are above all Laws. Issue Resolved! Article by John Cox, Cascade Mountains


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6 responses to “Veterans Work with Horses, Not Dart them with Pesticides! Stop the False Narratives

  1. karenmoulder

    April 30, 2022 at 5:12 pm

    They are Con men pulling the wool over peoples eyes for the almighty dollar and they are a disgrace. The ones who suffer are the innocent wild horses and burros who frankly have more right to be here than any of us. Thank you z John for keeping the message out there- if we can get the taxpayers to stand up against this egregious holocaust .. but for so many it is too late. How much longer can those who have evaded these greedy monsters hold out?

  2. Deannalynn Morris

    May 1, 2022 at 4:34 am

    A complete injustice to our sacred Wild Horses and Burros. To date, non profits are displaying a plight forward of destruction and greed, far from preserving and protecting wildlife and the land. May the day come when they are exposed and justice brought forth for criminal conduct. This is problematic and troubling.

  3. Julie Wichelt

    May 1, 2022 at 12:48 pm

    Can you publish the names of the so-called non profits that are supporting the poisoning of our wild horses? We need to stop funding this torture! Thank you John for all you do!

    • Photographer -- Journalist

      May 1, 2022 at 6:50 pm

      Yes, Animal Wellness is a large contributor to False Narrative and out right lies, and they have at least 7 connections to fake-non-profits, some are operating illegally right now but collecting donations daily, from their False Narratives.

      Then we go to other non-profits more mainline, but also use fake non-profits to collect donations as well as contribute to the chain of False Narratives — AWHC, Cloud Foundation, WHE, SRHG, Sky Dog, RTF, Palomino Valley’s . . ., Maureen Dann, KBR, WHP, VRWPA, Pine Nut Wild Horses, Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection, Wild Horse Connection — and many more opportunists and grifters all that simply exploit the Wild Horses, and with some, Wild Horses rescued die.

      Many are simply connected to the larger commercialized non-profits, to make it appear many non-profits support the PZP-GONACON use, but are merely cloned from, for example Animal Wellness or AWHC, or even RTF, among others — so they can tell senators and congressmen they have a following.

      Through scrupulous study of this situation, we find the two-sides of Wild Horse Advocacy near approximately 50%, and many changing from the larger commercialized non-profits due to obtaining information that is contrary to the larger commercialized non-prophets False Narratives, or finding out the truth about them. Those who oppose toxic chemical use, are climbing in numbers, so we may be at 60% app., soon. Playing both sides of the fence, one-side donation streams, the other side government grants, is conducted always, by lies, False Narratives, and Disinformation campaigns.

      I hope this answers your question . . . John

  4. Robert A Watson

    May 20, 2022 at 9:28 pm

    I am in total agreement. The person that is trying to promote this bill is not aa veteran. He was a National Guard member who only was in for 2 years. He is not a veteran. I have come against him and told others that he is not qualified to lead a veteran’s group to dart the horses. No veteran with PTSD is going to be allowed to shoot darts at horses without proper medical approval. The person who is behind this bill is trying to sell his program to the American Legions and other groups hoping to get funds for himself. He was aat the so called rally in DC where he hung out with those from AWHC and the other so called horse advocacy groups. I am a veteran of both Vietnam Era and Iraq. A Marine and solider. So I stand with you and support your endeavors.

  5. Mag Cornfoot

    February 22, 2023 at 1:35 am

    Poison used for any purpose is unconscionable but to enlist veterans to dart horses for birth control is an act that shows the worst kind of wickedness
    All for control of the land the same mindset that destroyed the Indigenous people


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