Field Notes – The Truth Ignored – Management Decisions Based Upon Lie after Lie

01 Jan

Notes by John Cox, MFA, Cascade Mountains

“It’s not just a matter of perceptions, nor terminology of words you may perceive within a favorable light or unfavorable darkness; nor, words that are with you or against you. It is a matter of process, of real-time actions, that provide the truth.” — John Cox, Cascades

1. Yes, Wild Horses that have been released back onto Public Lands, after a roundup, weeks or months later, have all been Sterilized – mares and stallions;

2. Yes, corrupted non-profits are taking part in the Sterilization, as well as the experimentation ongoing, on our Public Lands, despite the false-narratives they spew to the Public and in social media;

3. Yes, we cannot tell the difference now, when we put all the pieces of the puzzle together within an investigation complex, between the corrupted DOI/BLM and a few corrupted non-profits, alongside a few corrupted politicians.

The Wild Horse’s very existence on this planet, is running out of time. An example of actions: It used to take a lot of time to locate Wild Horses anyway. In fly-overs perhaps flying for 1/2 hour or 45 minutes before locating . . . Currently, we can go an entire flight, over supposedly very heavily-populated areas of Wild Horses (i.e. according to the BLM) and not find, nor see, any Wild Horses at all = ZERO. And this is common today, not rare.

The fact is, corrupted people, organizations that are extremely corrupted, continue to obtain free-rein over managing the Wild Horses, without even a satisfactory “whimper” from the public, or from Wild Horse Advocates. The truthful information is out there, many of us put it out there for perusal — but many simply accept the corrupted information, and actions, as if nothing can be done about it —

This is how lies and false narratives, develop toward resolutions unfavorable to most people, which is no resolution at all, and the circumstance continues to be corrupt — in the matters of DOI/BLM Wild Horse Management and Wild Horse Advocacy.

The best example is the use of Pesticides to dart into Wild Horses — Pesticide GONACON used today, as many of us have pointed out over the past couple of years. Wild Horses Saved from its use = 0 (Zero) and no evidence to show differently — other than the corrupted DOI/BLM along side corrupted non-profits, spewing demeaning remarks toward those pointing this truth out . . .

We can truthfully move to the Sterilization of Wild Horses that are being supposedly placed back onto public lands — a good example is 1,285 Wild Horses rounded up, and 15 returned, as if that is a good thing.

Well, it is not. The 15 out of 1,285 is irrational to suppose it can develop into any type of Sustainability what so ever — IT CANNOT DO SO.

Compound this fact, with the fact of them being Sterilized before being placed back onto Public Lands, Blatant Facts, and we have no Wild Horses saved from anything, and the Roundup complete.

It is referred to as Zeroing-Out the Wild Horse Populations within a given Time-Zone — and they are doing it quite well . . . While telling the Public it is not what they are doing, and corrupted non-profits going along with it — Follow the Money!

If the general Public, and Wild Horse Advocates, are simply to lazy to read the material that shows, through evidence, facts and figures, and the actual actions that develop to back up these facts and figures — contrary to the False-Narratives, then who is to blame here.

The Public can stop this, but it appears that will not happen. We then wonder how and why we have such corrupted politicians in office all the time; or, corrupted government agencies such as the DOI/BLM, or, why non-profits become corrupt . . . Because people do not demand “responsible-conduct” nor “transparency”. Then “accountability” is gone . . .

Well, here’s your reason, here’s your sign . . . the Wild Horse situation merely a small microcosm of many more tragedies ongoing, right now.

——  (of Note) Back in the 1980’s, the Wild Horse Counts never went above 24,000 Wild Horses on Public Lands. Suddenly, it went from 24,480 one year, to 50,970 Wild Horses on Public Lands the very next year — their figures and there for public perusal, and several Wild Horse Advocates at that time brought it to the Public’s attention. What developed from that?  NOTHING!

Indeed, the Wild Horse Counts currently, are 90,000+ and 60,000 in holding. Our question is, where are all these horses at??? Despite how many fly-overs are done currently — the Wild Horses are just NOT THERE . . .

This brings about the questions that need answers:

1. We need evidence that a Wild Horse Over-Population even exists;

2. We need evidence that it is “not” cattle and its over-population on public Lands, in reality, generating the destructive elements as well as adding to common pollution, contributors to Climate Change;

3. We need evidence that the Pesticides and toxic chemicals now darted and given to Wild Horses, is even needed and no other options exist, and show that it saves any of them . . .

(Use Notice: Copy Right 2022-2023 — shared in its entirety only — Quotes and items taken from or out of this context Granted by Permission Only, and only when Referenced Appropriately)

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One response to “Field Notes – The Truth Ignored – Management Decisions Based Upon Lie after Lie

  1. karenmoulder

    January 1, 2023 at 7:20 pm

    The wild horses and burros deserve so much better than this cruel atrocity and zeroing out by the corrupt DOI/ BLM


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