Notes From the Field – A look at Evolution

01 Jan

Written by John Cox, MFA, Cascade Mountains

The evolutionary process is one of change. We can, as observers as well as scientists, track the changes made, in this discussion of Wild Horses, and over time. This does, as most often the case, become evidence.

The best example’s, and I have written about this previously, is the Jaw-bone and head structure of the Wild Horses, and horses in common. They developed overtime, distinguished by American Wild Horses only and the specific types of skull structure and jawbone structure. Some physical configurations took a smaller amount of time, but others over a vast number of centuries – none the less, consistently evolving.

Bias and ignorance neglects the facts of Evolutionary Process, and in particular within the Wild Horses on our Public Lands; never the less, it remains evidence, despite those who contradict this evidence with no science but just opinions, and of course, bias. But these are also the same people who want to go backward, “. . . to better times,” they say  — and neglect the value, nor understand that Evolution is purposeful, and takes place for a specific purpose.

When “myth” becomes the standard (e.g. ignorance or bias inclusive) to judge “reality”, or science a set-aside value, is when we have serious problems with history, credible evidence, as well as making decisions or resolving problems. Today’s Wildlife Management is a good example of this type of ignorance, and ranting, and simultaneously, valueless science.

So we see the value of our Public Lands in America slide downward, not on the physical plain of an ongoing and credible Evolution Process, as that still develops despite human-ignorance; whereas, it is the level of human-ignorance that strives toward falsehood, or opinions over science, and our history loses. Currently, because of these types of factors developing within the last couple of centuries, our Public Lands being destroyed, alongside a large percentage of our nation’s wildlife . . .

Things are almost to the point that Evolution non-existent.

A quick note

“It is not that we have science, and therefore, we know everything there is to know — This type of approach to knowledge is a false paradigm. Science simply places these things, situations, events, or animals – human or wildlife, into an understandable perspective for us.

It is accomplished through evidence, as well as developing a knowledge base, to understand the things we use, or becomes of what we perceive as a benefit to society, is a positive situation or a negative situation. Lies and bias are unacceptable metering devices for this, and we obviously must attempt to rid our science of such travesty as profits made, developed from “bad” science.”

I recall, years ago, first year of college as a matter of fact. A Geology Professor emphasizing that science is made up of theories, that must be put to the test by research, pushed to its limit to establish truthful paradigms, and through evidence, and tested throughout the length of time for its truthfulness — and challenged at every level.

This is the very premise of science of all types. To assume that science is limited, or should never be challenged, is erroneous. We find many blowhard’s, or those who do not understand the very premise of science or research, and assume what they have learned, out of books or the internet, accepted as an unbounding truth, to be all there is too science. Yes, experience obviously lacking within these perspectives of ignorance and bias . . .

We learn through more college, and graduate work, or life in general, the fundamentals of science, or research, is simply the jump-off point, to what we will find, through science and experience combined.

Those who assume their rhetoric to be precise, and all there is to it, to never be challenged, will remain simply novice or amateurs within their field of study — whether it is pertinent to the splitting of atoms, or figuring out how to become proficient at tidily-winks — it is called life, and respecting it, as well as take part in it . . . everything else is simply perspective.” – John Cox, MFA, Cascade Mountains

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One response to “Notes From the Field – A look at Evolution

  1. axelsmom20

    January 1, 2023 at 5:03 pm

    Just as we humans can never “know all there is to know” about ANY subject – whether it be wild horses or honestly, any other subject – there ALWAYS is more knowledge to be had – if – big if, we are open to it & willing to learn.
    The current powers that be (!) seem not to be open or willing at all. Which is nothing new, is it? So I imagine they need to be yanked into that kind of thinking – whether they like it or not.


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