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01 Jan

Written by John Cox, MFA, Cascade Mountains

We can observe how Wild Horses survived, through evolutionary history, as well as sustainability. It is “not” that they are “not” adapting to their environment, what so ever. . .

The truth is, ignorant and bias human’s, in their “Need-For-Greed”, which history will show quite well also — but the need to rein ignorantly, over wildlife that cannot protect itself, is dominant here.

This is all “contrary to Evolution” precisely. Sending Wild Horses to extinction, will never be acceptable, now or within future history — due to the ignorance and bias posed by DOI/BLM as well as corrupted non-profits and the arrogant-ignorance that exists there, as well.

“”Survival of the fittest” is a popular term that refers to the process of natural selection, a mechanism that drives evolutionary change. Natural selection works by giving individuals who are better adapted to a given set of environmental conditions an advantage over those that are not as well adapted.” This is a significant situation, as it provides strength, endurance, and a power-base to those species that will make our Home on Earth, better.

We see the ignorance, within government as well as our non-profits, of today, are “Less-Than” appropriate to be involved in any type of wildlife management — Yes, the evolutionary axes is within the human-species as well, even though many humans feel superior to it. Sustainable Evolution? Probably not!

Why do I say “Need-For-Greed” exists here, with Wild Horses. First the obvious, the Exploitation for Profits, in various methods of deriving profit from Wild Horses, from adoption to slaughter. . .

Secondly, we find the meat industry, in this case cattle and sheep, need human involvement to even exist on our Public Lands — Which is contrary to all ideological premise, or base-line knowledge, precisely, of Evolution and the survival of the fittest.

$Millions of taxpayer dollars are invested in this situation of non-sustainable domestic livestock on Public Lands; which, merely derives a lower than 1% profit base (based upon yearly sales receipts Dept of AG, et al)

History and Time-Frames give us more information

Wild Horses have evolved over centuries. There was never a gap of a physical evolution – which 10,000 years of extinction (i.e. NO EVIDENCE shows the last prehistoric North American horses died out between 13,000 and 11,000 years ago, at the end of the Pleistocene) would have shown quite well, but, does not do so, what so ever. The disappearance cannot be proven as a reality by evidence — certainly not within any written or oral form, as communication between humans simply did not exist.

Then we look at the mostly Nomadic Tribes that existed back then, and War between tribes always existed — as well as being Nomadic, they roamed — other than cave-drawing or hieroglyphics, existed then — and plenty of Wild Horses drawn on caves in the North Americas, show us they existed after the Pleistocene, as well.

Communication, oral and written, and alphabet-systems — visual symbols and phonically — were created only 5,000 years ago. One can be assured, thorough discussions between Nomadic Tribes, first would not take place, and secondly, there was no way to communicate other than grunts or groans, or hand gestures, from those who did so.

But we also have the values of Geology, that was constantly in upheaval. We also find isolated areas of a large diversity of not only Conifers, but of wildlife as well, and Wild Horses a large part of it. Evidence shows, in archeological sites, mostly grazers that roamed this planet, sustained life, inclusive of Wild Horses. There is nothing that shows us different, within any credible and knowledgeable aspect of science.

In another words, this 13,000 to 11,000 years of extinction could not exist, and no evidence shows it did, at all. . .

We need to always Challenge Science — For Credibility

We find today, those who refer to themselves as “Experts” are not at all. Driven for monetary situations only, and within most of them, we discover their research flawed, their terminology in error, and their assumptions have no evidence to back-up their opinions, at all. Most lack experience, and in reality, would not really know if they are looking at evidence or just opinion, or not — thereby the larger problem of those who lack experience, and promote their research. A good example, is the Pesticide PZP Research and opinions forced upon wild horses, backed by no evidence. And yet . . . Outright lies exist, and that is it . . .

The point of all this information, here only a synopsis of events, shows quite well, that we need to Challenge all Science, for its credibility. We have evolved backward, due to not challenging authority, or the science the current authority, or questionable process, currently placed into public perusal.

Too challenge all research, is first and foremost beneficial to a better human evolution, also. And to challenge History, as well, and separate the opinions from facts. Our survival exists upon this to develop, and become part of the process, rather than ignored — as evidence shows us the destruction we cause, daily now, from bad science and bad environmental and wildlife management, that is based upon bad science, and the decisions made from bad science.

And of course, the demeaning nature of this group of people that want to place their bad-science into the financial arena, they will state those of us Challenging Their Science to be uneducated, or whatever comes to their minds . . . How dare us challenge their bullshit!!!

A good example is we know Civilization in the North Americas not only existed, but thrived very well — But, just as the Wild Horses, was ignored, as if these civilizations did not exist —

This is the same type of ignorance and bias, which promoted non-existence of the Wild Horses; even though, so much evidence existed, for both. No one ever challenged the Systematic Process and the “supposed” Credible Science that existed, even today. Many of us find the flaws, and the errors, to be slanted toward financial interests rather than truth.

The Wild Horses and the lack of evidence (researchers take the path of opinion-only when referencing the disappearance of Wild Horses, without proof, which simply expands the lie). Yet, we are told in many scientific research matters, there’s “no evidence” so the Wild Horses had to have disappeared (not of science but blatant bullshit); and yet, evidence abounds in the world of communication, geology, forensics at dig sites, cave drawings, historical Time-frames, and on and on.

We have the means to challenge all Science that ambiguously states that Wild Horses disappeared 13,000 to 10,000 years ago, and yet provide “No Evidence” credible or worthy enough to show this as a Credible Fact. Yet, taxpayers spending $-Billions almost yearly now, to wipe-out what should be listed as an Endangered Species — and yes, we find the Siberian Bloodlines exist in many of the wild horses, where no Spanish Barb exists, at all — and these are the Wild Horses that need Protected, as indigenous Species.

Evolution agrees with all I have written here, as well. It is time to challenge, at every level, the research data and process of research going on today . . . As we are finding too much research that is questionable, and the facts just not consistent toward conclusions. A lot of science today simply lacks credibility, as well as the Peer Review situation, has become absurdly corrupted.

(Use Notice: Copy Right 2022 — shared in it entirety only — Quotes and items taken from or out of this context Granted by Permission Only, and only when Referenced Appropriately)

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