An Editorial: America and America’s Wild Horses Lost to Ignorance

19 Apr

in the rain on oregon coast

“Patriotism is not spawned out of ignorance, hatred, greed, contempt, or spite. A true patriot feels from their very heart and soul that a better America can be achieved by their actions, a more humane America, which advances our society; of which, can be obtained through honesty, bravery, and standing up to those who would tear our country apart.” – John Cox, American & Veteran

Allow me to be clear from the start, just as there is no such thing as “acceptable animal abuse” there is no such thing as “acceptable ignorance” within America today, and yet . . . The media, the general public, as well as many politician’s have indeed trespassed upon ignorance as if it is a joke.

The sad part of this equation is all a person has got to do is look around and see for themselves the harm that ignorance creates – hate and harm toward other people, the outright greed and abuse of animals and people for profit, the contemptible methods used today for corporate profits, and the list goes on and on. It has come to a point where youngsters feel they have to hate, or to promote their parents hatred, in order to be acceptable among their peers. Not so ironic, the same situation exists within the adult social outlets as well.

Ignorance has indeed become a serious reality, and what happens when people become passive about it over time – ignorance also becomes an excuse for corrupt behavior, most often under the shallow disguise brought about by the misinformed . . .

Misinformation, spawned from such regretful situations, develops ignorance as a priority; when compared to the opposite, or when it is honesty that leads to a proper resolution. It develops when we assume we are in control, yet another preponderance of ignorance – or false belief — but isn’t that part of ignorance?

Then we see the result, in reality the violation, of multiple consequences stemmed from ignorance. Only then do we realize no one is in control. This is harmful, as we simply shrug it off passively, and assume there is nothing we can do. We then go about our business and say nothing more. Over the years it builds, then builds more, and finally, well, we end up exactly where America is today – in the Passive Quagmire of Ignorance!

In the meantime America spirals downward with ignorance at its helm. How odd how it all works, but it indeed works and definitely unfavorable toward America and our society. Humanity has been set aside. Humanity, and the humane treatment toward other life on this planet, is on the verge of going away, just as our Western Heritage, Our Pride in being Honest, and just as taking an exquisite Pride in being an American –

But never fear, there is 1% that benefit quite favorably from ignorance. They create dissension, confusion, and misinformation – as they wave an American Flag and boast – telling all how Patriotic they are . . .while from one end of the spectrum shelling out money to those who will listen, by the box-car loads, and at the other end of the spectrum making huge ten-fold profits from the misinformation and the misinformed!

Ignorance is not just in the mindset of the poor, but of the middle-class, and the rich as well. One can classify the situation as epidemic in proportion, and yet, just as the population explosion become tremendously noticeable by the 1990’s, ignorance in America becomes extremely noticeable.

. . . But let’s go beyond the concept and enter into the land of ignorance.

Ignorance within this capacity is neither nothing more nor nothing less than greed compounded by falsified excuse. Keep in mind this is only accomplished by the acceptance of misinformation, a confusion generated by misinformation, and often followed by a lack of ethics. . . or more pathetic, a passive lack of ethics even though one knows better to do better!

Leadership plays a key-role in wiping out ignorance. America, for example, several years ago promoted reading and education as a positive and life-enhancing experience. Apparently, that was unprofitable and we in America see the promotion of education less and less, if at all –

Sadly, ignorance has taken the place of promoting ways to become smart. Hate and animosity spewed from America’s leaders and within positions of responsibility, create hate to the not-so-smart followers, spew dissension and not open-debate, and seemingly make it appear as open-debate unfavorable and lacks ingenuity or prestige.

The fact, media and press alike, spew their information as if their lofty opinions correct, and everybody else is wrong, i.e. the general public is always wrong as far as they are concerned and must be led – and beyond the supposed ethics of media and press, they will create dissension and animosity among their audience, thank you – but led where, one must ask. The media is a land of negativity and complete mind altering vacuum, of a MIND-space left to be ignored, rather than admired and provoked (used rather than promoted) as a necessity. It is nothing but sales of their sponsored products – the more dissension (shock) created the more sales to their demographic — simple but true, and paid for by the 1%!

My point here is that the Open Debate Platform to resolve issues in America, American issues, has been taken away for the general public. Similar to America’s Western Heritage, it is gone. There are those of us that fight for it, and will do so in the future – It is what America needs currently. An educated and well informed public leads to a Stronger America!

An Open Debate Platform allows American’s to hear and see the truth – this is what destroys ignorance – it is what destroys misinformation, and it is needed now.

Standup America, Your Time to Be a Patriot is RIGHT NOW!

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One response to “An Editorial: America and America’s Wild Horses Lost to Ignorance

  1. Catherine Ritlaw

    April 20, 2014 at 8:57 pm

    Very well said. I am proud to know you. Thank you.


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