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“You know I hate, detest, and can’t bear a lie, not because I am straighter than the rest of us, but simply because it appalls me. There is a taint of death, a false flavor of mortality in lies – which is exactly what I hate and detest in the world – what I want to forget.” — Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness and the Congo Diary

It was in 1971 when American’s demanded our government to protect the Wild Horse Herds living on America’s Public Lands. Once American’s discovered how Welfare Rancher’s, Rancher’s, and contract horse killer’s (referred to as Kill Buyer’s or KB’s today) treated the Wild Horses, understood as our Icons and a glorious part of our American History, the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971 become a Public Law. It was voted upon unanimously by the Senate and the Congress.

It has been changed, or Amendments added, not of legitimacy, but of and by cowards, who trampled disgustedly upon this once distinguished Legislation for American’s, that promoted the sanctity to preserve our Heritage in America – and to acknowledge that the Wild Horse Herds being a significant part of Our Heritage!

Yes, Amendment’s were added in a very sneakily and illegitimate manner. FACT: One of the most controversial – The Burns Amendment tucked into an updated Appropriations Bill and for the President to sign the next morning, with hopes no one would notice or read the Amendment itself – as Burns and Reid (both acknowledge this via interviews, and acted proud of their unethical and unscrupulous behavior) both knew the simple fact – the Burns Amendment would not have been passed legitimately any other way – this particular Amendment, based on lies and misinformation, opened the door to slaughter America’s Heritage – to slaughter America’s Wild Horses!

America’s Civil War

A significant turning point in America was the Civil War. True enough other wars afterward took place, but none so important, so truthful, and so heart-spoken as American versus American. We discover a lot about ourselves, as well as a lot about America, when we study the Civil War.

For many it defines, then redefines the parameters and restrictions of our government. It redefines the fact even today, the significance of Freedom, the importance of our American Spirit that comes with upholding Freedom by integrity, by honor, by a wholesome respect for America’s Heritage.

We must not forget it was the inability of temperament, of politician’s at that time, the corruption, the animosity toward the general public from politician’s, the same as today, that developed into a lack of respect toward the American public, or the common folks in this land of ours.

As then and as now, the line has been drawn between our current government and the taxpayers of America – the common folks that expect responsibility, honor, ethics, honesty, and common sense within our political and government people placed into office.

The Civil War was brought about by American’s, who felt strongly that our government was against them. Indeed, the Wild Horse’s and the way they are treated, exemplify this situation today. Much of our government’s hatred directed toward America’s Wild Horses – which takes Our Heritage and Our Icons away from us, within a disrespectful manner; and somehow, in some sickening way or methodology, these government workers (taxpayer paid) feel this demonstrates they have the power to do so – and the Hell with the American Public!

Side Bar: Profoundly, these government worker’s and politician’s alike, obviously and outright disrespect America’s Heritage, and disrespect America’s Icons, the Wild Horses! They irresponsibly destroy them at every opportunity – and for what? Experience, observation, and knowledge obvious – It is at the demands of Welfare Rancher’s and corporations, and not so ironic totally based on LIES – all for a dollar or two in profits. Folks, this is exactly why the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971 was made into a Law – to prevent this situation — and from these types of people.

Thrown out the door rudely, even changed by those it protects our Wild Horses from, the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971, unanimously accepted by Congress and the Senate at that time, and demanded by a majority of the American people at that time, is now ignored, overlooked, or treated as though it is not of American Law what so ever; Thereby, there goes the Law, there goes America down the road of tyranny and chaos, and at the same time – coincident or universal truth? How true when considering a quick observation of today’s government and political landscape!

Reason for Conflict

The lies and stream of misinformation, easily observed by the slightest perusal of BLM information, especially to the knowledgeable, and one sees incompetence, inappropriate behavior, misplaced responsibility, and above all a real lack of knowledge about horses, especially wild horses. Ironically, these are the people that manage our Wild Horses and Public Lands – yet do not have a clue on how to do so! This situation, this ignorance and arrogance, alone has cost taxpayer’s in the millions of dollars.

Case in point: Many horse people, to include myself, have observed wild horses in the wilds. We have also studied the wild horses, and over the years keep up with knowledgeable facts of, especially how wild horses breed and their herding tendencies and characteristics;

Many knowledgeable wild horse observer’s, horsemen and horsewomen alike, observe the natural progression of herd development, mentality, communication, and control, which creates a natural pattern of minimal impact on the culture and behavior of the various Wild Horse Herds on Public Lands.

One of the most obvious, and for this matter the most enlightening here, is that young bachelor stallions are culled, or chased away by the alpha-male or main stallion — while attempting to recruit mares for themselves. Hence, the herd dynamics allowed for a stable population with long term pair bonding between alpha males and females.

Reproductive rates, it is shown through these techniques of a “natural controlled and progression of herd stability” from many herd’s studied, were estimated between 4-5 percent. We then compare, for this example and taken from a 1979-80 study, and within these same herds, after BLM random gate cuts were implemented, were estimated at 10 -12 percent and rising. This increase in reproductive rates most likely was due to the fact that stable pairs of alpha females and males had been removed leaving many mares open for recruitment from bachelor stallions previously not allowed into the herd.

In reality, this causation, or BLM’s lack of knowledge and abilities, created an incompetent interruption into the natural progression of wild horse herd dynamics, which created increased horse populations. Which in turn not to be overlooked, created a much more expensive budget for Wild Horse Herd Management. Yes, the taxpayers paid once again for incompetence in total! When is enough absurdly enough?


It becomes quite clear to many of us, American’s by the way – that our government agencies have taken upon themselves the entire decision making process of the political arena as well. It also is very clear that America’s government agencies are now manipulated in whole by corporations and special interest lobby groups. It is also clear to many American’s that politician’s of today are extremely dishonest, and do not have the interests of the general public (or taxpayer’s) or the American people as a priority what so ever.

Truly it is time for change!


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  1. grandmagregg

    April 26, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    Thank you Photojournalist!

    “In the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 … the act stipulated that free-ranging horses and burros were “an integral part of the natural system of the public lands,” it limited their range to “their known territorial limits” in 1971*. The land was to be “devoted PRINCIPALLY but not exclusively to their welfare in keeping with the multiple-use management concept of public land.”
    Page 1 of the Summary from the 2013 National Academy of Science
    Using Science to Improve the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program: A Way Forward

    *In 1971, when Congress passed the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, these animals were found roaming across 53.8 million acres.

    My notes: Those legally designated wild horse and burro acres would support about a quarter of a million wild horses and burros. Definition of “principally”: First, highest, foremost in importance, rank, worth or degree, chief, mainly, largely, chiefly, especially, particularly, mostly, primarily, above all, predominantly, in the main, for the most part, first and foremost.

    • Ruby

      April 29, 2014 at 1:15 am


  2. Barbara Warner

    April 26, 2014 at 6:42 pm

    Many thanks, John, for another excellent article. Will share.

  3. arleneorlando

    April 26, 2014 at 9:20 pm

    To me the Roam Act of 1971, defined Americas feelings for the Mustangs, we as a Nation which included unanimously Congress, so thought and felt the endearing feelings of Americans and Congress that the History of the Wild Mustangs ,definitely we are indebted to the Mustangs for all they have done for America,they were to be protected and preserved , such a undeniably awesome Representative of Freedom, there is nothing that gives this feeling so beautifully, their Pride, Trust, courageousness, mirror Images everyone of us…………………… For someone to Change the wording is unforgivable and should be addressed as Crime of jail sentencing , Treason to America and its People………………………………… Reid and Burns are examples of UnAmerican !!!!

  4. Jill Alzina

    April 28, 2014 at 2:07 am

    Well spoken. I hope everyone gets a chance to read this.

  5. Louie C

    May 8, 2014 at 8:02 am


    An analysis of the Wild Horses Act and the relevant case law will demonstrate that the prevailing method used to eliminate the “straying problem”-extensive governmental removal of horses from public and private lands-COUNTERMANDS the protective purposes of the Act and of related public lands statutes.

    While the constitutional basis for § 1334′s regulation of conduct on private lands remains an open issue, several persuasive theories suggest that Congress was EMPOWERED TO EXTEND FEDERAL CONTROL BEYOND PUBLIC BOUNDRIES.

    Section 1334 of the Wild Horses Act provides landowners an
    inexpensive and convenient method of removing straying horses from their
    private property.


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