Wild Horses versus the BLM and Supporters Virus (BLMS Virus): Sustainability Cohabitation and Truth – A Discussion of Utmost Importance

24 Sep

klamath lake basin inlet 9_11_15

Humanity is at a definitive moment in history. Right now disparity overwhelms our nation domestically, where poverty far worse than in previous years, and ironically ridiculed often; hunger in the streets ignored while homelessness made illegal as a remedy; ill health and illiteracy dominates our country domestically, where remedies for both are more commercial than social and qualification exists for legitimate assistance. Yes, hate and greed prevail in our nation of today.

Those awkward people in power today oddly ignores health and illiteracy; then onward to the continuing deterioration of the ecosystems on which we depend for our well-being, mostly for short-term profits; all the while supporting antiquated laws and policies that simply neglect today’s commercial as well as today’s environmental problems – in order for less than 1% to achieve superior profits, sacrificing our environment, our wildlife, and ecosystems throughout our country.

It’s time to be concerned. Integration of our surrounding environment and development concerns, cohabitation and sustainability, and greater attention to them can develop into a basic-needs necessity for our survival on this planet. It can essentially improve living standards for all, while developing better protected and managed ecosystems. This is a basis for change, for a prosperous future, when compared to the bleakness we currently have within our country today. It is a non-sustainable situation we live within, and our government apparently confused, and at times even ignores the problems so prolific and obvious to many . . .

There is a necessity today, an acceptance of the need to take a balanced and integrated approach to environment and development questions. Neglecting this will lead to harsh results. Fearing such terms as Humane, Compatibility, Cohabitation, and Sustainability is simply nonsense of the worst type, and very ignorant indeed. This ignorance leads to Eminent Destruction and the Fall of America. It needs to Stop!

Cohabitation and Sustainability

It is important to overcome confrontation and to foster a climate of genuine cooperation and solidarity. It is equally important to strengthen our bonds with our environment and diverse ecological systems. This diversity creates a sound and livable habitat and includes wildlife, vegetation, living within our mountains, our deserts, our oceanic biospheres and along our natural water resources within a cohabitate-methodology, or coexistence. We need, as humans to understand humane methods and ideas as a life-giving situation to promote sustainability, then to adapt to these realities. The best example here is to rid ourselves of the management-paradigms that are and have been quite irrational over time. The existence of such has led to destruction of our environment and our ecological systems that indeed support life on our planet currently.

Such situations as managing wildlife within a kill-paradigm as a conservation ideology is and remains ridiculous and ignorant, as well as totally non-useful today; the ideologies from the 1920’s onward in agricultural laws and policies that currently dominate our Public Lands, is not useful what so ever toward sustainability or our very life on this planet, as it leads to monetary short term profits only, and for very few.

Frankly, it leaves the majority of people in an unsustainable environmental complex of problems, with little to no support from the destroyed regional ecological systems that, in reality, support life. Is there a problem today? Absolutely, and it is quite ignorantly being ignored in total.

A Starting Point for Change

A first step towards improving the scientific basis for these strategies is a better understanding of land, oceans, atmosphere and their interlocking water, nutrient and biogeochemical cycles and energy flows which all form part of the Earth system. This is essential if a more accurate estimate is to be provided of the carrying capacity of the planet Earth and of its resilience under the many stresses placed upon it by human activities.

The sciences should continue to play an increasing role in providing for an improvement in the efficiency of resource utilization and in finding new development practices, resources, and alternatives.

Scientific knowledge should be applied to articulate and support the goals of sustainable development, through truthful assessments of current conditions and future prospects for the Earth system, which should be used in the decision-making process and in the interactive processes between the sciences and policymaking. Truth, not subjective reasoning here, is the objective – subjective reasoning got us to this point in history, which is unsustainable and destructive.

There needs to be an increased output from the sciences in order to enhance understanding and facilitate interaction between science and society. An increase in the scientific capacity and capability to achieve these goals will also be required.

The fact is sustainable development requires taking longer-term perspectives, integrating local and regional effects of global change into the development process, and using the best scientific and traditional knowledge available. Cohabitation ideology simply creates a truth, as living with the direct circumstances or results of negative actions would be corrected much sooner than later, especially when life-support or comfort remains involved within the cohabitate environment – which leads to an entirely other discussion of importance for later.

The development process should be constantly reevaluated, in light of the findings of scientific research, to ensure that resource utilization has reduced impacts on the Earth system. Even so, the future is uncertain, and there will be surprises. Good environmental and developmental management policies must therefore be scientifically robust, seeking to keep open a range of options to ensure flexibility of response.

The precautionary approach is important. Often, there is a communication gap among scientists, policy makers, and the public at large, whose interests are articulated by both governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Truth is the Road to Humane Ideologies

Why would I include something about Truth here, and why care? Well, one of the reasons we respect it is because of the extraordinarily high signal-to-noise ratio that we have here on our planet. Much or our conversation daily is about things that do not exist in the material plane, because they’re in the past or they’re in the future. When you think about it, a lot of our conversation simply does not have to do with the here and now. Truth is about accurate information, about the here and now –

The rise of the electronic communication infrastructure has not done anything to improve the signal-to-noise ratio. It has merely amplified and enhanced it. Instead or ordinary bullshit, you can now have flaming digital bullshit bounced off a satellite for your viewing and listening enjoyment.

When I sit in the middle of the Cascades, the Universe is the truth – all that surrounds me is the truth, true to itself and true to what I see, with no pretense of reality or perspective or existence – it is what it is. The Universe, or Creator, is love and shows us this quite often in all natural environments and surroundings. Just sit and watch, and ironically it gives you a break from the signal-to-noise ratio – quite extraordinary to say the least.

But there is a funny thing about truth. If your gitty-up and go moves forward, and you start telling the truth about things, there is inevitably going to be some resistance. Yes, there is going to be somebody around who’s got there hand in the till or a skeleton in their closet or an ace up their sleeve or some extra ego in their back pocket, who is not going to want you or I to talk. There are various ways they’ll keep you from talking, and you have to pay attention to them. If you start to say something that is true, insist on saying it until you’re finished saying it. Don’t let yourself be interrupted when you’re speaking the truth, as it cheapens the truth to let yourself be interrupted.

And of course, there is the situation that it is also possible to be a pain in the rear about truth, or anything else. There is an old yogic saying, “Truth is good, but it also needs to be helpful, necessary, and kind.”

There does not have to be a conclusion here at all. As this discussion must go forward, as it is reality. One can safely say our life and many lives within the future are banking on our honesty right now, and the ability to articulate and even defend the Truth and the spirit of Truth right now. One truth leads to another truth, then to another, and finally we can make those proper and truthful decisions that need to be made —


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3 responses to “Wild Horses versus the BLM and Supporters Virus (BLMS Virus): Sustainability Cohabitation and Truth – A Discussion of Utmost Importance

  1. Barbara W.

    September 25, 2015 at 10:23 pm

    So much in this profound article to think about , John. Thank you .
    You may want to click on Chief Seattle’s reply here:

  2. Linda

    May 9, 2016 at 11:54 pm

    Will Man overcome ignorance, neglect of our Planet or will more ignore and keep destroying everything in its path in name of Greed. I cannot imagine a world without what Mother Nature has provided us with, I’ll try my best to help restore what Man continues to destroy. Thank you John

  3. Barbara W.

    May 10, 2016 at 10:53 pm
    FoA wins for pine Nut wild horses.


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